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General Information

This page contains general information about the Tourist Town Guides series. Please contact us if the answer to your question isn't listed here.

What is Tourist Town Guides®? How are they different from other travel guidebooks?

In a tourist town, where promotional information is everywhere, it is oftentimes hard to differentiate between a legimate attraction and a waste of time. The writers and editors of Tourist Town Guides know this, and have created a guidebook series that focuses on America's most popular tourist towns and attractions. Instead of making a decision based on promotional literature or a billboard, get informed and independent information about the attraction with a Tourist Town Guides book. While a "traditional" travel guide will focus on insider tips, local information, and take you on the road less traveled, Tourist Town Guides will find the fun spots - after all, these roads are more traveled for a reason.

Who publishes Tourist Town Guides®?

Tourist Town Guides® is published by Channel Lake, Inc., a New York State corporation. The main office is located in New York City. All the official company business goes through the publishing company. See the About Us section for a list of people and vendors that help produce the books.

Where can I Buy a Tourist Town Guides® book?

Tourist Town Guides books are available wherever retail books are sold. If your favorite bookstore does not sell our guides, you may request a special order from them, or purchase the book online from this site, or from, or wherever you prefer. To order directly from this site, go to the Books section. For more specific information about ordering books from Channel Lake, Inc. see the Ordering Information page.

I am a Writer/Editor. How can I work for Channel Lake, Inc.?

There is a Jobs section of this site which has a listing of all the active jobs and contracts that are currently offered. We do not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions since our books are written after the contract is signed. If are interested in writing for Channel Lake, Inc. and have a particular place that you would to write about, send a SASE with your query to:

Channel Lake, Inc.
P.O. Box 1771
New York, NY 10156-1771
Attn: Submissions

I am in the media and interested writing about or reviewing one of your books. Where can I get information?

If you are a member of a qualified media outlet (print, online, radio, television) and would like to feaure Tourist Town Guides in an upcoming story, please let us know. See the Press Room section of this website for more information. You can also download photos and press releases to use in your publications.

How can I get my business or property reviewed?

If you represent an organization who does business in one of our covered destinations, you may request that your property be included in the next edition of the book. Your request will be forwarded to the book's author/editor for consideration, but inclusion in the book is not guaranteed. Please fill out the contact form with any information you think would be helpful.

How can I get a review changed or updated?

While we cannot guarantee that any content change suggestions will be honored, we will be happy to forward your request for a change in one of our books to the author/editor. Please fill out the contact form to submit a request.

Do Channel Lake, Inc. products have advertisements?

Channel Lake, Inc. does not use rented advertisement space as a source of income, on neither its Web site nor it's printed books. Plus, in keeping with our mission as an independent guidebook publisher, there is no advertising space available in any of our printed travel books. Additionally, neither Channel Lake, Inc. nor its authors or editors will accept payment for any review, although requests for reviews (without payment) will be considered by the books' authors and/or the editor.

I am a retailer. How do I order copies of your books for my store?

Tourist Town Guides® books are available from major wholesalers including Baker & Taylor and Ingram. Our trade distributor is Midpoint Trade Books. For more information about bulk orders and discounts, see the Orders Page.

I have another question...

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please let us know! You can contact in a number of ways:

Online: Online Contact Form (Click Here)
General Phone: 347.329.5576
Toll-Free Order Line: 800.592.1566
Toll-Free Fax: 866.794.5507
Mail: Channel Lake, Inc.
P.O. Box 1771
New York, NY 10156



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Tourist Town Guides ® is published by Channel Lake, Inc. · P.O. Box 1771 · New York, NY · 10156
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