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Sara L. Bozich

Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Sara Bozich resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she is the voice of the active, the social and the politically engaged. For the past eight years, she has dominated coverage of the Harrisburg area's burgeoning cultural and entertainment offerings, writing weekly articles, columns and travel guides on its restaurants, music, art exhibits, theater, celebrities, charities and festivals. With a resume that spans columns in the area's largest daily newspaper, local guide and flavor pieces for international airlines and travel magazines, as well as a substantial internet presence, Sara personifies southcentral Pennsylvania for those seeking to engage this vibrant, culturally rich area. Sara shares the small city life with her two cats, Domino and Pedro. Her favorite rollercoaster is Hersheypark's The Great Bear, and she affirms that no one makes a better Chocolate Martini than The Hershey Lodge.

Books by Sara

"Hershey: A Guide to the Town Built on Chocolate"


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