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Job: Travel Writer - Open Call for Travel Guidebooks

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(Please read through the entire job description carefully. If you are interested in applying for this job, follow the steps in the “To Apply” section. Please also read the General Information for Guidebook Applicants.)

Channel Lake, Inc. is interested in publishing a travel guidebook about your favorite tourist town!

Do you have a favorite American tourist town that you have been visiting ever since you were a child? Do you love the town you live in and would you love to write travel guidebook about it? We want to hear from you! If you have a passion for a specific tourist town in the United States of America and are a proficient writer, please pitch to us your guidebook idea. You can find specific information about what we are looking for on the General Information for Guidebook Applicants page.

Channel Lake, Inc., publisher of the Tourist Town Guides® series, is actively seeking applicants to write travel guidebooks. Every year, we select towns that we believe are well-suited for this series, and we encourage applications for any of these cities. However, you may submit a proposal for any destination that you feel would fit in with our series. See the Web page for our full catalog. The books in this series concentrate on regional tourist towns, and are designed to assist readers with planning vacations to these destinations.

Project Specifics:

  • The purpose of the book will be to help visitors plan a vacation to the destination, including where to stay, where to eat, and what to do. The book will highlight area attractions and activities from a tourist perspective.
  • Writer's total content will be about 40,000 words.
  • Writer will work closely with publisher and editor to create an outline, and be guided as necessary throughout the process.
  • After publication, the writer will assist the publisher in marketing efforts. Writer is expected to keep an ongoing relationship with the project throughout the publishing lifecycle.


  • The applicant should be very familiar with the destination. The ideal candidate will live in or near the destination.
  • Professional writing experience recommended, but not required if applicant's portfolio is strong.
  • The applicant selected for this project will be required to sign a contract.
  • Strong proficiency in Internet and telephone research is recommended.
  • The applicant selected will be required to conform to the specifications of the publisher.
  • Travel may be required.


  • Writer will have 4-5 months to complete the entire project from the time of the contract signing.
  • If accepted for the contract, the writer is expected to begin the research and work immediately, and be able to complete the project by November 1, 2010.
  • Writer should be prepared to make the necessary arrangements to complete this assignment in the time alotted, including research and writing.


  • The writer will receive a royalty advance of $100 - $800 prior to the book’s publication.
  • The writer will receive royalties of 10% of the book’s retail price for each copy sold.
  • The writer will receive credit as Author, as dictated by the contract.
  • The writer will maintain copyright ownership of the work (this is not "work for hire").

The specifics of the work and compensation will be detailed in an author-publisher contract, which must be signed before the work commences.

To Apply:

  • Please print and fill out the Application Form (click here) and submit the required written materials as stated on the form. In "Part II" of the application, please write the name of the location for which you are applying.
  • Submit a sample of your previously published writing with the application. The writing samples should reflect your ability to write nonfiction, how-to, and/or travel guide style.
  • Assemble all of the application materials listed above, and send them to the address on the Application Form.
  • Please see the General Information for Guidebook Applicants for information about creating your proposal.

To Apply Online or by Fax: If you prefer, you may send the entire content of your application as e-mail attachments to You may also fax your application toll-free to 866.794.5507.

Channel Lake, Inc. does not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions. Please do not send any original material that is not specifically requested.

To be considered, your application must be received by the above date. If you have any questions or would like more information, please send an email to

This is a freelance writing opportunity.

This page does not constitute an agreement of any kind. It only provides information about the job. All agreements with Channel Lake, Inc. must be signed and dated by all parties involved in the agreement.


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