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Media Files

This page contains high-resolution JPG images of the front covers of all Tourist Town Guides currently available. Please contact us if you require TIFF or another format.

Members of the media, please feel free to use the photos on this page to accompany your stories about Tourist Town Guides. If you do choose to run a story, a tear sheet sent to Channel Lake, Inc., P.O. Box 1771, New York, NY, 10156-1771 would be appreciated. You can also send an e-mail to or use the contact us form if you have any questions.

Note: These cover images are for current or upcoming editions only; for art on previous editions, please fill out the contact form.

Atlantic City, 4th Ed. (ISBN 978-1-935455-00-4)

Black Hills (ISBN 978-0-9792043-1-9)

Breckenridge (ISBN 978-0-9767064-9-6)

Frankenmuth (ISBN 978-0-9767064-8-9)

Gatlinburg, 2nd ed.(ISBN 978-1-935455-04-2)

Hershey (ISBN 978-0-9792043-8-8)

Hilton Head (ISBN 978-0-9792043-8-8)

Jackson Hole (ISBN 978-0-9792043-3-3)

Key West, 2nd Ed. (ISBN 978-1-935455-02-8)

Las Vegas (ISBN 978-0-9792043-5-7)

Mackinac (ISBN 978-0-9767064-7-2)

Myrtle Beach, 2nd Ed. (ISBN 978-1-935455-01-1)

Niagara Falls, 3rd Ed. (ISBN 978-1-935455-03-5)

Ocean City (ISBN 978-0-9767064-6-5)

Provincetown (ISBN 978-1-935455-07-3)

Sandusky (ISBN 978-0-9767064-5-8)

Williamsburg (ISBN 978-1-935455-05-9)

Wisconsin Dells (ISBN 978-0-9792043-9-5)




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